Wednesday, November 12, 2014


 You ask what is the next big thing in Region 12, we are crossing our fingers — but I believe in a heartbeat, its going to be Paragliding in Sarangani. It is definitely a #1forfun! 

 Who said there is no wind around Sarangani Bay? On the contrary there is enough wind! The big plus is the awesome limestone mountain terrain in Sarangani. SAFI Ranch in Maasim is located right after Siguel river. It a property made of mountains of hard rock and limestone. The awesome part of the place it has cliffs for paragliding and big flat land perfect for landing… 

 I got invited to see the sport. Initially I was seeing Ian Tan and their gang taking lessons with Buko Raymundo (President, Paragliding Association of the Philippines) and Jason Luengo. It looked tough for those training to be pilots. As they lifted their chutes, and begin working with the wind, you sense the adrenelin rush! 

 The group was kind enough to show me what its like. So we headed up the mountain and got ready to jump off the cliff. The moment we got the winds right, on a tandem, we ran and jumped off the mountain to the vast expanse of air. 

 That jump was so good, because the wind lifted us high above the ranges of Maasim and viewing the entire Sarangani Bay from the sky. It was a high- adrenalin, amazing experience! We flew for about 15 minutes that day.

 If you are interested to paraglide, the introductory rate is P2,500 for tandem ride. Its definitely worth the try. 


 Sarangani is a good flying site for paragliding said Armand Dard, a French national and a visiting paragliding professional instructor.

 “This is my second time in the Philippines and my first time in Sarangani. Last year I did some paragliding in Carmona, Cavite and also in Boracay but this place which I discovered one month ago is a better flight site,” Dard said. 

 The flying site is located at SAFI Ranch 1 in barangay Seguil, less than 30 minutes drive from General Santos City. 

 The flight site is overlooking Sarangani Bay.

 “It has comfortable take off and landing sites,” Dard noted. “It also has big landing site comfortable for beginners and you can fly almost everyday.” 

 For more information about paragliding in Sarangani, you may call 09426204950 and look for Chris Romano. 

 General information 

 GPS coordinates :

take off : 5°57’11” (5.9533)N; 125°4’44” (125.079)E – Elevation : 324 m. 

landing : 5°56’54” (5.9486)N; 125°5’41” (125.095)E – Elevation : 71 m.

 Take off : About 970feet ASL with multiple take-off site facing South-East facing Sarangani bay. a combination of sea breeze and thermal wind condition. 

Landing :  plateu at 200-300 feet ASL 

Going there : It is a private land operated by local pilots. You need to get registered in Sarangani Paragliders to be able to access flysite. 

Weather hazards : Maybe thermic and bumpy during the peak of Sun normally 9AM to 3PM’ish. 

Flight regulation : Airport is nearby about 20-30mins drive. Please observe 1000m ceiling when there is a scheduled airplane arriving/departing.

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